What is LIVE LIFE?

LIVE LIFE is the first holistic healthy lifestyle platform that connects you with the healthy lifestyle community of Switzerland, both on and offline.

Our goal is to unite the healthy lifestyle community and to help individuals reach their personal health and lifestyle goals by providing them with informative articles, blog posts and facilitate a dialogue via our social media channels. With LIVE LIFE, we want to encourage individuals to take the step towards a healthier and happier life.

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A holistic world has different components that link together to make it a universe. We developed 4 categories Move, Body, Mind, and Nutrition. Each represents a building block providing you with unique content relevant to each block and supported by a corresponding network of community ambassadors that are experts in their fields and can offer you tips, tricks, recipes and assistance in transforming your life.

Move Ambassadors

Represent pioneers and influencers of power, strength, sports and movement


Kevin Lütolf, a highly motivated trainer who will push you to your limits has 12 years of experience and is a true Swiss sportsman. Working as a professional model, athletics and health have always been a constant in his life.


Dario Pozzi, founder of POZZIBLE is a health, nutrition and fitness coach who provides customised nutrition and training plans and an added benefit of analytics. He’s also creator of the POZZIBLE Bars, a redefined protein bar.


Xenia Stutz, “a healthy life begins from the inside” is her philosophy that she lives by. She offers her knowledge through her Blog Power Peak Passion, is a certified Yoga teacher, Nordic Walking instructor and deepWORK instructor.


Solveig Bethke, a fitness coach and motivator, created her own fitness program, Shape by Solveig, promoting long-term change and leading a more balanced life. Her philosophy: “Learn, Love Health”.

Lisa & Jackey

Lisa Ramstein founded Mein Tempel in 2015, a movement label focused on body, mind and soul that offers a selection of courses that promote a healthy physical and spiritual well-being.


Claudia Schöttli, a certified trainer, specialized in bodyweight movements, functional training, boot camps & spinning, inspires and motivates people on social media and trains people on-, via her Youtube channel, and offline.

Body Ambassadors

Represent pioneers who nurture their body with organic products, embody that special glow and support a sense of self-love


Andrea Monica Hug, is a multifaceted young woman working as a photographer and founded her Blog “Chic in Zurich” in 2012. She changed her lifestyle and began a vegan diet four years ago and ran the New York Marathon in 2015.


Susanne Kind, a traditional pilates instructor, is finalizing her education as a nutritionist, promoting a whole food, plant-based diet. Her holistic approach: helping people to become the fittest, strongest, healthiest, versions of themselves.


Martina Fink, holistic Health & Beauty Coach that works with women to help them develop a healthy, conscious, and vibrant lifestyle through balanced nutrition, physical activity, natural skincare and a positive mindset.

Mind Ambassadors

Represent mindfulness, zen living, yoga and spirituality


Deddou Burkhard stumbled upon Yoga in New York City in 2009 and after attending several retreats and completing her teacher training back in Manhattan, she started her label, POP-UP YOGA, in Zurich.


Alexandra Kruse, a writer and stylist but also a spiritual reader. She believes in unicorns, the power of crystals, the magic of the moon and has found her light and happiness in Zurich.

Elvira & Valerie

Yoga is what changed their lives, Yoga is their outlet and Yoga is what gives them their zen. Even though they both live and teach in different cities (Zurich and Berlin). The Yoga Affair, the co-founders’ passion project, connects them.


David Suivez is a skating yogi and DJ. Mixing sound, fashion and movement into a complete work of art, the drive of which is to activate the inner child.

Nutrition Ambassadors

Represent eating clean, organic, vitamin rich and healthy


Nadia Damaso takes you on a culinary adventure through her beautifully photographed recipes whether on her website or in her several cookbooks. Her goal: “Eat Better Not Less”, it’s all about the ingredients, not the portions.


Sandra Mikhail, a certified nutritionist from Australia, offers her extensive experience in clinical practice, nutrition consulting and health promotion in Australia, the UAE and Switzerland.


Sabrina Stierli takes you through her journey of being a healthier and happier version of herself via her Blog. Co-Author of her first E-Book “The Green Smoothie E-Book”, health and fitness coach and creator of delicious recipes.

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Our B2B Events that happen on a quarterly basis follow our 3E’s Business Model: Engagement, Experience and Education. We aim for our clients to have a sensory rich experience at our events and make sure to understand their needs in order for them to have a positive, long-lasting brand experience.

LIVE LIFE Expo 2018

Infos coming soon.


Tailored to your needs, whether that is strength, movement or flexibility.

Key-Note Speakers and Forums

Feeding your curiosity and engaging discussions.

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Culinary experience at your fingertips.

LIVE LIFE Expo 2016

A look back at our Exposition in 2016

Thank You

We want to thank all of our great partners for working with us and supporting us

Our Team

Together we are vibrant, versatile and international network of young professionals with important contacts in the industry and share a wide experience spectrum including planning, realizing successful events and strategy building. With LIVE LIFE we want to offer clients and customers creative ideas and implement collaborative solutions that represent a unique platform focusing on healthy living.

Sophia Marti


Sophia started her international event experience whilst working for IMG, global leader in sports, media, events and fashion. She was part of the team for Fashion Weeks in Berlin and New York and became project leader of the biggest fashion Event in Switzerland, Mercedes-Benz Fashion Days Zurich. Whilst living in London she worked on several freelance event management projects. Back in Zurich she opened a branch of a Geneva based luxury brand boutique agency. In 2015 she founded her own events company, SVM Events, through which she launched her own productions such as the Amour de Vie charity event at the Park Hyatt, which raised funds for Right to Play Switzerland and the Private Dinner Club Zurich, an exclusive and unique dining experience concept. SVM Events also organizes various event services for private and corporate clients.

Aline Marquard


Aline, a certified health coach based in Zurich and London, has professional experience in the health industry. She started her first cold-pressed juicing company in 2013, offering detox packages and juice cleanses delivered to your door.

A year later, along with her sister, she co-founded a creative agency, Juicebox Productions, focusing on branding, marketing and design. Through their creative agency, Aline has organized events for luxury brands such as Diamonds International and Dolce&Gabbana.

Juicebox Productions also offers video production services and has successfully worked with production companies in New York and Mexico, with a growing number of European clients.

Danica Thalmann

Marketing & Creative Specialist

Danica gained her experience whilst working for leading companies and agencies in Switzerland, such as Axel Springer, Aroma and Rufener Events.

She is now Head of Marketing at Teads.tv, the inventor of outstream video advertising. Danica also became an entrepreneur by co-founding of the Pop-Up restaurant labels “The Cocoon” and “Vier&Eins” for which she has been awarded “best Pop-Up concept and restaurant” by Who is Who Magazine in 2017.

Kim Grawe

Food & Beverage Specialist

Kim wears many hats, being a food entrepreneur and culinary developer, brand and marketing strategist, Start-up expert and co-founder of the cold pressed juice brand HEYLIFE. She is also a founding partner at Consumer Investment Partners. Most recently she opened the first plant-based restaurant in Zurich, BEETNUT, which has become a partner of LIVE LIFE and a space for collaboration events.

Julietta Tschudi

Social Media Strategist

Creative Consultant and Design Manager focusing on Social Media and branding. Julietta employs a unique approach by providing brands with creative solutions that incorporate strategy, design thinking and building of an emotional connection.

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